• Analysing stem cells with artificial intelligence

    SERIES (4) "Technologies of the future in medicine": Hamburg-based TRI's integrated solution relieves researchers
  • Hamburg's Evocal Health scoops "Start-up Award - Digital Innovations"

    Start-up's AI identifies diseases based on biomarkers
  • Smoother airport operations thanks to artificial intelligence

    Susan Wegner, Vice President AI & Data Analytics at Lufthansa Industry Solutions, discusses use of AI in aviation
  • Using artificial intelligence as a prophylaxis against stroke

    SERIES: dpv-analytics‘ miniature ECG simplifies diagnosis, saves costs and eases burden on healthcare system
  • UKE Project: Recognising complications early using AI

    Intensive care patients with brain disease: How an AI prognosis program is able to identify critical phases ahead of time
  • Showroom for artificial intelligence opens in Hamburg

    ARIC Artificial Intelligence Showroom AI comes to life under theme of "inspire, learn, collaborate and create"
  • Artificial intelligence as a self-learning marketing adviser

    Finland's Sellforte start-up and newcomer to Hamburg eyeing international market
  • Hamburg to become flagship for AI start-ups

    German government earmarks EUR 3.8 million for "AI.Startup.Hub Hamburg"
  • Dr Tereza Iofciu gives insight into teaching AI technology

    SERIES (5): "Female AI - four questions to women in AI" - interview with Dr Tereza Iofciu, Head Coach Data Science at Neue Fische
  • Artificial intelligence bridging gap between Germany and U.S.

    Petra Vorsteher, joint founder of AI.HAMBURG and AI.FUND, launches artificial intelligence initiative - preview of AI Summit on December 1, 2021